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Research & DevelopmentCurrent Status of Clinical Trials

Type Cell type Product Indication predecessor award Phase I clinical trial Phase II clinical trial Clinical III Award Applied technology

Autologous Immunocytes CBT101* solid cancer (Recurrent Glioblastoma )
Allogenic Immunocytes Allo-NK solid cancer
Neuropathic cells FMD-NPC Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
Stem cell CordSTEM-DD Disk Degeneration
CordSTEM-ST Stroke
CordSTEM-AS Asherman's syndrome
CordSTEM-ARDS Severe respiratory disease
ES-MSC premature ovarian failure
hESC-RPE Macular Degeneration (AMD)
hESC-RPE Stargard's disease

*U.S. FDA designates rare drug for recurrent malignant neuropods (2020.9)
CHA Biotech program Partnered program

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