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Company OverviewCHA Biotech History


· CHA Biotech reverse merged with Diostech (CHA Biotech: Extinct company,
  CHA Bio&Diostech: Surviving Company)
· Company name changed to CHA Bio&Diostech
· Korea’s first SCNT-ES cell research approval received
· Seoul CRO established

· Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine International(SCRMI) jointly founded with Astellas (formerly OCATA Therapeutics) in Boston, US for development of artificial blood – CHA Biotech
· CEO Hyung Min Jung received Next Generation CEO Award by the Economist of Joongang Ilbo – CHA Biotech



· Received ISO 9001 certification – CHA Biotech
· Succeeded to induce differentiation of world’s first human embryonic stem
  cell-derived cardiovascular cells – CHA Biotech
· Established Tokyo office in Japan – CHA Biotech

· Selected as winner of Consumer-chosen Most Trusted Brand and Brand of the Year – CHA Biotech
· Established CHA Stem Cell Institute – CHA Biotech
· Obtained Inno-Biz Certification(chosen as Technological innovation small and mid-sized company) – CHA Biotech
· Awarded Grand Prize in KOSDAQ Best Marketing Awards *
· Awarded 10 Million Dollar Prize on the 43rd International Trade Day *
· Designated as Manufacturing R&D center of Excellence (2006-9, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) *



· Mobile Healthcare Unit received certification of business establishment and
  selected as Industrial Family Enterprise *
· Awarded Venture Business Awards(ISO 9001/ 14001) *
· Listed on KOSDAQ *
· Obtained Inno-Biz Certification(chosen as Technological innovation small
  and mid-sized company) *

· Acquired LA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (US Hospital, located in LA, CA) – CHA Biotech



· i-Cord(World Stand Cord Stem Bank) established – CHA Biotech
· Subsidiary research institute of Diostech established *

· Diostech established
· CEO Hyung Min Jung named Scientist of the Year in 2002 – CHA Biotech


*Diostech series of expressions

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